There are situations when you have serious tasks
in your life:

to give a competent rebuff to the
aggressor, to look worthy in the eyes of other
people, to defend your own positions and maybe
to capture new ones.
Sometimes you need to resist the
forbidden methods in negotiations
and in ordinary life.
Anyway, there are situations when you have any
words for the good answer to the opponent but
it is necessary to keep your position to continue
wisely and meaningfully to conduct a dialogue.

The Black rhetoric allows you to get practice of such
situations and develop necessary skills and confidence
to conduct a quality dialogue.

Black rhetoric is the power and magic of words.
It is the ability to use verbal means of manipulating a person,
not always honest and tactful but with the guarantee
of achieving the desired result.

Đ—Here you go the different
rules and sucker punches.

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