Eye Workout

Minimum operations - just set a notification in settings
and follow for exercises that will take no longer than 5 minutes,
3 times per day and your eyesight will improve dramatically!
And when your brain realizes that vision improves, these workouts
will deliver the kind of pleasure for you.

It does not matter whether you want to restore poor eyesight
or look for a good warm-up exercise for your eyes in a pause
before working with computer or tablet.

As we know all vision problems start due to the partial absence
of the eye muscles or on overload. When we read a book or work
with a computer, our eyes strained and keep the tension in one group
of muscles. In other words, we keep the eye muscles to the same voltage.
This work makes the eye muscles are flabby, thereby impede the ocular lens.

As well, in order to concentrate on something important,
we need to strain the muscles of the eyes. As result - a sharp drop in sight.
To ensure that this was not we need to train different muscle groups.

The fact that the vision depends on the operation
of the oculomotor muscles (longitudinal and transverse).
Once you wear glasses, your eye muscles stop working.
Conclusion - the need to train the eye.

The main cause of nearsightedness, farsightedness,
astigmatism, and strabismus - a violation of the
eye muscles (there are six). This implies that virtually
anyone can completely restore eyesight by exercises for eyes.
Exercises are simple but quite effective.

Mobile application Eye workout helps to perform
the correct technique of vision exercises.
Also, the application keeps the regularity
of trainings.

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